During this disruptive time of a virus pandemic and ensuing racial injustice, we want to be of service by getting our message of Interfaith unity and compassion based on The Lord’s Prayer Experience into the world. 

We are developing online versions of our music to offer to houses of worship and Interfaith organizations to share with their members. The Virtual Lord’s Prayer Experience, consisting of 6 Songs, is now available for download and live-streaming via the One Spirit YouTube channel.

We are asking Houses of Worship to partner with us in exchange for full rights to share the musical content with your community, in exchange for a donation relative to the size of your congregation:

  • $100 for Houses of Worship with under 100 members
  • $150 for Houses of Worship with 100–249 members
  • $250 for Houses of Worship with 250–499 members
  • $350 for Houses of worship with over 500 members

We are also looking for Individual Donors who align with our Interfaith mission to use music to promote peace and compassion, based on shared values of love, tolerance and inclusion for all human beings.

Please complete the secure form below to make a tax-deductible donation in the amount of:

If you’d like to make your donation via PayPal, please click the button below.

Or you may mail a check made payable to:

One Spirit Foundation
5 Joan Ave.
Sudbury, MA 01776